Affordable tablets help to ease the pain of education

Technology has always played a key role in pushing education a step further.

Internet Speeds Explained Part 1 Deciphering speeds

In the evolving world of technology, it can be difficult to keep up to speed with all the changing terminology a...

What to be Aware of when buying a ‘lower-end’ Smartphone

The world has taken to Smartphones and South Africa is no exception.

Prestigio is Proud to support South African StartUps

Choosing a winner was not easy. Thanks to everyone who entered and participated in our previous Prestigio Tech G...

Internet Speeds Explained Part II: The Speed of Possibility-What to...

While advertisers tempt us with impressively high numbers, how fast of an internet connection does an average So...

Internet Speeds Explained Part III: The difference between 3G/4G & LTE

Smartphone and personal devices are available for use in daily life. Millions of South African’s have become con...

Android Overview

Android was the creative brainchild Andy Rubin – a brilliant entrepreneur and engineer passionate about the fiel...

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Data

Data is not always cheap so work with what you have to harness the power of connectivity.

7 Tools to help you Manage Your Online Office

Choosing the right tools to manage your team is essential.
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